111™ Activation – What Is It?

111-activation-img-150x150The 111™ Activation is a “Light Vehicle of Transformation” that allows us to carry more light. The 111™ Activation is about a remote 10-minute transformational, energetic session in which a new structure is overlaid without physical touching, working within the quantum field. It is designed to help a person move forward on his/her journey in this time of ascension.

How Can It Help Me?

The channeled guidance states that this process makes a person more permeable to light, allowing for better connection to and communication with higher wisdom, for the purpose of personal and universal evolution. The 111™ Activation helps us to integrate many of the ongoing planetary changes and embrace life with greater ease.  It allows us greater connection with all that is, moving us more rapidly into our true authenticity, ultimately aligning with our Divine self while still in human form.

What Are People Saying?

Clients who have undergone this experience have called it “profound,” “expansive,” and “awesome.”

Experiences People Have Reported

  • Increase in intuition, clarity, and self-awareness
  • Expansion of creativity and psychic abilities
  • Higher level perspective
  • Weight loss
  • Cleansing and clearing
  • Increased “synchronicities” in our lives
  • Increased ability to facilitate healings
  • Greater acuity of our 5 senses
  • Greater ease in release of old patterns
  • Faster, easier manifestation
  • We “Lighten Up”


mbv-111activationOne of the beautiful aspects of the 111™ Activation is that it works in the quantum field, outside of time and space. This means that the 111™ Activation can be done remotely no matter where you are on the planet. The remote sessions are scheduled for 10 minutes.


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