The Universal Sphere™ What Is It?


The Universal Sphere™ is a process for helping a person resonate with the perfect vibration of the universe. It can be offered either as an independent experience or in conjunction with the 111™ Activation.

“The harmonics of the vibration upon which the Universal Sphere is created
is the energetic of the “ideal vibration of the heart”, the vibration of the heart
at its optimal level.” – Ashtar, Dec 24, 2011


How Can It Help Me?

The Universal Sphere™ is getting us back into connection with the Universal Source.  On a human level it allows individuals to live more from our heart than from our head.

“It has an impact on the human form on every single level at which it exists:
the physical form, all the way down to the very essential particles within the human form and then extending on beyond that to the energetic realms, the realms beyond which the five senses exist.” – Ashtar, Dec 24, 2011

In Person

The experience of the Universal Sphere™ is a 10-minute session in which you will lie comfortably on a massage table. There will be some time before your session begins in which you can ask your practitioner questions and some time after your session in which you can debrief your experience.

At a Distance

The Universal Sphere™ can be experienced just as effectively at a distance as it is in person. No matter where you live in the world it is possible to arrange for a session of the Universal Sphere.

Other Applications

Our pets, plants, gardens, home, offices, land, and more can also experience the Universal Sphere. We are all truly comprised of the same energy at our core essence so all that is in our world has the same potential to resonate at the Perfect Universal Resonance.


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