The Collective Minds of Spiritual Women at a Healing Retreat

Attending a women’s healing and spiritual retreat has many benefits and meeting like-minded women will be one of the best and long lasting rewards for attending.

You will meet women of all types, ages, backgrounds and walks of life, and you will all have been drawn to this retreat for largely the same reasons, for personal growth, spiritualism, rejuvenation and healing. These women are usually in the same situation as you are, looking for the same support and solutions. Sharing your stories, experiences and ideas with them will enhance your understanding and perspective of others. You will inspire them and they will inspire you.

Understanding others helps us understand ourselves at a spiritual level. We then open our hearts and are more accepting of others. This acceptance gives us the compassion and empathy that is sometimes needed to deal with different people in our everyday lives. You will overcome your fear of dealing with people outside your normal circle of friends. It empowers us as women when we interact, connect and bond with women outside our group of peers.

Through acceptance, we become more loving, gentle, generous, open-hearted, compassionate, patient and genuine with others as well as with ourselves. We become less self-centered and begin to see the benefits of cherishing others.

At a women’s healing and spiritual retreat, you will meet individuals with similar interests. You have a chance to make friends with women from around the world who you will most likely know for the rest of your life.

“A sister is one who reaches for your hand and touches your heart.” (unknown)

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The Benefits of Attending a Women’s Healing Retreat

As women, we are naturally nurturing and very often we don’t take time to care for ourselves. This is especially true of young to middle age women starting and raising their families and taking care of aging or ill parents.

Then as our families grow and leave home, it frees up our time but we can easily become depressed and lonely even if we have prepared for this new time in our lives.

Retirement, though it sounds nice to most of us, can also be a challenging and lonely time in a woman’s life. It can cause us to feel unbalanced, unproductive and even useless.

Attending a women’s healing retreat is an excellent way to get through these different stages in life. Healing retreats that cater to women address the body, mind and spirit. They are led by women who specialize in women’s issues and needs. What you learn and experience at these retreats will last you a life-time.

Here are just a few of the many benefits of attending a women’s healing retreat.

  1. Time for peace and quiet to renew our energy, for reflection, for problem solving or to connect with the Divine or Source.
  2. A healing retreat is a place and time to gain clarity and insights about yourself and your life. Learn more about yourself and emerge a new you. When we truly know ourselves, we can be truly happy.
  3. Meeting like-minded women from all walks of life, you will share stories and ideas, create new bonds and make friends for life.
  4. Healing retreats are a great way to take care of yourself. Self-care is a form of self-love and we cannot know true love until we love ourselves.
  5. Your family will benefit from the retreat. You will return home more relaxed, recharged, more balanced and joyful. The love and connection with your family will deepen.
  6. Discover new places, new people and new experiences. Discovery is essential to personal development and growth.
  7. Attending a retreat is a time to unplug your electronics and reconnect with nature, with other women and with yourself.
  8. Creativity and play is fun, de-stressing, teaches you to think differently and helps develop intuition. Learn how to incorporate creativity in all aspects of your life.
  9. A women’s healing retreat is an investment in yourself, your spirituality and your future.

    I hope you will join me in Winter Park, Colorado September 25th through September 27th for Finding the Divine Fall Equinox, Full Moon Women’s Healing Retreat to experience these benefits plus a whole lot more.

    Click the link or visit to register. Don’t wait, spaces fill up fast!


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Let Your Brokeness Be Your New Beginning

At times our brokenness calls us to go back to the very beginning. To withdraw, to look inside ourselves, to discover who we truly are. At other times our brokenness calls us to reach out, to get out of our comfort zone and ask for help, to seek answers. There is no right or wrong, there is just what serves us in the moment.

If we allow it, our brokenness, can be the catalyst that leads us to awaken. Taking time to just be. During this time we may be led to rituals, this can be as simple as prayer, spending time in nature, meditation or creating. It can be as complex as setting up an altar, going out in nature and gathering what your drawn to or what soothes you, finding pictures, artifacts, treasures that have deep meaning and placing them in a sacred space. Rituals in and of themselves are a form of release and can allow us to move extreme amounts of energy, thus, healing ourselves. Connecting us to the familiar, to comfort and to the spiritual aspects of ourselves.

Journaling is a ritual that heals. It can be writing your deepest, darkest feelings; a journal of gratitude; journaling your dreams and desires. Just letting that energy flow from you onto the paper brings healing. Verbalizing or speaking out loud what you feel in your heart, letting it just pore out of you, this also is a huge release of energy and brings deep healing.

Painting, sculpting, sewing any type of creativity connects us to the very depths of our soul and brings us to a new place within ourselves. We can step back and see our life story in the piece that we poured our energy into and this brings healing.

Sometimes we just can’t do it on our own and we need assistance. God is there to heal each and every one of us, we just can’t place expectations as to what form of healing will take place. We may feel pain in our body but God knows it is a mental, emotional or spiritual issue that really needs healing. When we go to a healer we can just let go and let God. The healer is the channel and is able to connect to her team of spirit guides, angels, ascended masters and deceased loved ones and to your team. Together with their guidance the healer is able to channel divine energy to assist you in releasing the stuck and stagnant energy you are holding onto so that you are able to move forward and live a life you can truly love.

Brokenness may not feel great at the time but the beauty in you that can come from it is well worth the agony that we have to go through to get there.

Abundant Blessings,

Mary Beth

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