Have you ever wondered, even for a moment, if you are a healer?

What if there were a quick solution to finding out if you are a healer and what type of healer you are.


checkmarkAre you being called as a healer and it is becoming more and more painful to hide that calling?

checkmarkAre you sick of feeling like your soul is calling you to live your purpose but you have no idea what that purpose is?

checkmarkDo you feel overwhelmed when thinking of building a healing business without help? 

checkmarkDo you have a yearning to tap into your gifts for the good of all?

checkmarkAre you ready to be empowered to heal yourself, family and clients?


If you answered YES to even one of these statements, then you are in the right place!

I remember what it was like when I returned to myself and claimed that I was a healer. It felt like I could finally breathe. I finally knew who I was.

I’ve met countless healers that know deep inside that is who they are and they have let that thought flit through, for a moment, then dismiss it because they go to a preconceived notion of what they feel a healer should be and just don’t see themselves doing it that way.

First we want to determine if you are a healer but more importantly what type of healer you are.


A healer is… 

Healers come in as many different forms as their are stars in the sky. They come in every color, shape, background you could image. When we hear the word healer the image or impression we get all comes from our perception but healers practice multitudes of modalities, they may heal through energy, words, music, art or any number of different ways. They may heal people, animals, the planet or any number of things. Often healers are hiding out in helping professions, and more and more often today they are entrepreneurs running service-based businesses where they are helping others to achieve their goals. Even though that is fulfilling there is a deep down knowing that you are not seeing the whole picture.


Does this sound familiar?

  • You lack confidence in your abilities
  • You sometimes get intuitive signals about others, or yourself, that you just can’t ignore… but you’re not sure how to interpret them.
  • You’re just not sure where or how to start.
  • You’re in job misery because business has stalled or slowed because you’ve been dealing with your own physical symptoms that you just know have a deeper meaning.
  • You have a deep desire to be the best service provider you possibly can.

I believe all humans are born with the capacity to heal, it is a gift from God. Yet, we are all unique beings so the type of healing we are called to do is as unique and different as each of us are. You may know that you ARE a healer but just haven’t been able to figure out what type of healer you are or you may feel you’re a healer but still have uncertainty about it. You have so many unanswered questions about the how to’s that it has kept you from stepping into your calling. This is what we will be covering together. It’s about moving through the stories we have about what we can and cannot do, tuning into our intuition, having the courage to follow our hearts and our purpose. That is so much easier to do when you have a tribe of like minded people that support and encourage you, that are on the same path as you, that understand and are there for you.


So, are you a healer? And if you’re a healer, what type of healer are you?

Have these questions been holding you back from stepping into your true calling? Do you find yourself saying “I don’t see myself doing what she does but when I say “I am a healer” it feels so right, it resonates with me. I know this is true. I am ready to find out what I came here for, I am ready to step into who I came here to be.

If you’re tired of waiting to be who you came here to be then Join me for this 3 day “Am I A Healer” retreat.

We will be getting these questions answered for you through various exercises, we will be opening your intuition and connection. You will experience what it feels like to see, hear or feel energy then work with that energy. You will learn what it takes to be a healer.


Here are just a few things you will learn: 

  • What patterns you are experiencing in this lifetime
  • What core beliefs are keeping you stuck
  • How Past Lives hold you back
  • Connecting to your guides exercises
  • The Yes, No exercise with guides
  • Whether you are a healer
  • What type of healer you are
  • Your next steps


Register NOW as space is very limited.

Am I a Healer Retreat

Exact location to be announced shortly.

Payment Plan

$749.00 today, $749.00 in 30 days

Full Pay


Please note: travel, lodging and some meals are not included (Some meals, all snacks and beverages are provided)

Being a healer is a journey, often a journey of a lifetime, it is an amazing, exciting and fulfilling calling and mark my word, it is a calling. You wouldn’t be here on this page unless you have felt a pull or nudge to join me. You’re here for a reason and the reason was because deep inside, you’re calling is ready to awaken, it is time, the world needs you.

My guides led me step by step and it was a long, long process. We are in a time where everything has sped up. Things are changing fast and you’re calling is what the world needs and they need it NOW! Taking decades to step into it is no longer an option and this is why my guides told me “the time is now, teach them”. I have been where you are and made that decision to take the next step and then the next step and the next as I was guided, but it would have been so much easier and so much quicker and painless if I would have had a mentor, someone that had been there and done all the work of stepping into it, that could have been there in person supporting me, nurturing my gifts and giving me the opportunity of learning from their experience.

You didn’t hear of energy healing, energy medicine, chakras, meditating etc. back in my day. At least not where I was from. It is much more widespread and accepted now. So you are actually at an advantage. People have heard of it and they are looking for and needing you.

I have been told “the time is NOW” share your experiences with them, take their hand and get it done. Get their questions answered so they can be of service to the world. Be there for them, help them see this is what their called to do and this is how you do it. The time of being pregnant is over, because if you’re on this call you have felt something growing within you, you have felt the anticipation, longing, and desire to birth who you came here to be. You just haven’t been able to quite put your finger on the what and how. The what and how is your third trimester, and now it is birthing time.

Join me for the “delivery” in this 3 day “AM I A HEALER” retreat where we will spend 3 days together birthing that what and how.

I am so excited to be a part of your journey. Can’t wait to meet you there.

This will be a small intimate retreat so space is very limited. Don’t miss out! Sign up NOW!

Don’t let another year go by wondering when your time will come that will take yourself or your business to the next level. Create that magical moment, apply now and be ready to take home your new life.

Special Bonus for those that register by May 15th 

For those that register early, I have a special bonus for you. You will receive a 30 minute remote Intuitive Healing Session with me after the retreat to get your own healing started.  This is a value of $300.00. 

Am I a Healer Retreat

Exact location to be announced shortly.

Payment Plan

$749.00 today, $749.00 in 30 days

Full Pay


Please note: travel, lodging and some meals are not included (Some meals, all snacks and beverages are provided)

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