June Group Frequency Clearing and Activation


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Tuesday, June 6th at 6pm Pacific Time.

The energies that came in throughout May gave us the opportunity to finally move forward into the desires of our hearts. 
The key was being able to integrate the new frequencies and use their support to step into a new paradigm. 
For too many the fear that came up stopped you in your tracks.
These new frequencies that came in are coming to sweep us forward.  Us, the collective consciousness, and us, as individuals. They can sweep us forward into the life we love or sweep us into acute anxiety attacks. A deep questioning of who you are, anger, a sense that not all is right with the world at large and something significant is about to happen. Feelings of urgency and being anxious but you don’t have any idea what that urgency is, an unsettling desire to purge all clutter, a feeling of being lost in a time warp. 
You may be finding it hard to communicate what you really want to say and find that what you convey caused major issues. You may have found that people were exceedingly rude, short, sharp and outright obnoxious. This type of communication will be coming out of your mouth or the mouths of many. This type of energy is really prevalent from the new frequencies if they haven’t been integrated.
There were so many new frequencies that came in throughout May that our bodies are dense and weighed down with obsolete frequencies that we need to release. Many may feel like they are wearing lead boots and just find it hard to put one foot in front of the other. You may feel exceedingly tired, exhausted and lethargic. For many, sharp shooting pains, body aches, headaches, jaw pain and digestive issues have been a signal that something was off. 
These are all symptoms of carrying obsolete frequencies and not having the space available within your energy field to integrate in the new higher vibration frequencies that we need to move on. 
This months clearing and activation will release the obsolete frequencies that no longer serve you and integrate in and activate the new frequencies that will assist you in moving forward. 


If these issues feel familiar for you make sure to join me for the Clearing and Activations that will be taking place on Tuesday, June 6th at 6pm Pacific Time. 

There is NO PARTICIPATION REQUIRED for this process. It is a remote group process that will take place on the scheduled date and time. Just relax if you’re able; but it is fine if you are sleeping, playing, working etc.

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