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Mary Beth is the founder of the Spirit Led Healing Institute and is a sought after speaker and workshop leader in Transformation, Empowerment, Sacred Energy and Intuitive Development. Audiences across the globe are drawn to her no-nonsense, fun-filled, high-energy delivery and her passion to uncover the hidden messages buried so deeply within them.

Her connection to the audience is instant, deep and profound and not only educates, inspires and motivates them but gives them great tools and interactive experiences to change their outcome in both their personal and professional lives. Participants achieve life-altering results which will leave them with a renewed sense of self, purpose and passion for life and career…. and a complete energy overhaul allowing them to experience greater productivity, less stress, and better relationships.

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Mary Beth has appeared on many summits, broadcasts and conferences including:

Of all the healers I’ve interviewed and worked with Mary Beth Vanderlinden is at the very top. She truly has the ability to read energy and move energy from even the most challenging blocks, impediments and attachments. I’ve seen her literally work near-miracles for my community and she has a heart of gold.  She never ceases to astound me and I highly recommend her work.  She is a true miracle worker.
Darius Barazandeh

CEO, You Wealth Revolution Network

Mary Beth is a fantastic speaker. She is very energetic and engaging and really draws the audience in with her down to earth, witty presentation that is filled with wisdom and guidance. Her stories, tips and tools are very relevant and her insights are always spot on. She has been a real asset to my audience. They can’t get enough of her.
Eram Saeed

Host and Founder, From Heartache to Joy

I had the honor to hear Mary Beth speak.  What she has to share is an amazing contribution. She supports people in deepening the connection to themselves and assisting them in stepping into their power. Her message is very powerful and beautiful.
Jamie Brandenburg

CEO/Founder, LUXME Collective