marybethheadshotThe first time I performed a healing I ‘laid hands’ on a woman at the church of a Pastor I babysat for. I followed what I was drawn to do and placed my hand over a large, raised purple welt on the arm of this woman named Joanne who was in a wheelchair. In a few minutes she asked me to move my hand and said I was burning her arm. I was surprised and moved my hand and saw what looked like a branded handprint on her arm. In my mind I visualized a pile of gray ashes under her skin and the purple welt was gone. A few days later the Pastor told me that Joanne’s cancerous tumor had disappeared.  

I was twelve years old and had actually never heard of cancer.  

I was definitely born to heal and was given many opportunities to practice and develop my skills, starting with being hit by a car at five years old and seeing myself lying there from up above my body. Shortly after this I started seeing ribbons of colors and lights, and a system of grids that I could weave with my mind. 

I was seventeen before I knew that this system had to do with healing. Over the years it’s grown into a system I now know as God Light Transformation™. 

By age twenty-three I’d been getting regular migraines, and doctors discovered that my earlier accident had caused my neck to essentially grow backward. It was at this point my guides appeared and began to tell me what to do to heal myself.  

I’ve healed myself from major accidents nineteen times over the years. I asked Spirit why I keep having these serious accidents and they told me “I am my own guinea pig”. This is how I’ve learned methods that no one else teaches. They aren’t mine, they are of Spirit, but they’ve come through to heal and teach me how to heal myself so I could serve others. 

Over the years I’ve done healing sessions with tens of thousands of people, with results like freedom from seizures, cancer disappearing, blood clots dissolving, to preventing job loss from repeated debilitating pain. Many of my clients have gone on to find the work they were actually meant to do because their limitations no longer stopped them. 

One of the things I’ve noticed is that the clients who’ve come to me for healing are often healers themselves. They’ve suppressed these gifts, and that is part of why they needed their own healing. They needed to restore all aspects of their soul in order to embrace their gifts. 

Spirit has told me, because I am getting older, I need to pass on all these healing techniques I’ve been shown over the years. It’s time to share what they have shared with me. I’m one person and I can only reach so many people, but if I can train others, we can make more of an impact. I’ve been told that the world really needs healers right now and that will only become more true in the future.  

The more healers the better! I’ve developed the Spirit Led Healing Institute to train others in the extensive methods Spirit has given me. Our programs include the Awakened Healer Certification Program, which uses the unique God Light Transformation™ Method I’ve been show over the years, along with a God Light Transformation™ Immersion retreat. Most people who want to dip their toes in start with our introductory program, the Am I a Healer? Retreat. (You can read more about our offerings HERE)

Incidentally, I am certified in about 16 different methods and modalities of healing, or more. I’ve enjoyed each piece of my journey. I find the approach Spirit has given me to be exactly what my clients need to make a bigger difference in the world, heal themselves, and live on purpose.