Are you meant to be a healer?

Maybe you feel drawn to healing, but don’t know where to start… or if being a healer is even possible for you.


checkmarkLearning the skills and techniques to tap into your intuition, harness your inner ability and create huge transformation in people’s lives

checkmarkImmersing yourself in healing practices taught by a loving and experienced master healer, guided by spirit, so each training is tailored to your needs and for your highest good

checkmarkGaining deep confidence in your own abilities, and being guided to what action to take in each moment

checkmarkConnecting to a tribe of inspired, fellow healers who support, encourage and celebrate your accomplishments

checkmarkLiving and working from anywhere in the world, earning a great living while doing work you’re passionate about

checkmarkEscaping job misery and stepping into your life’s purpose!


Are you yearning to serve others while doing work that feeds your soul?

Healing is a calling, not a career. It is who you are. To be “trained” in healing is a joyful process, because you’re not trying to study and learn something from outside of yourself. Healing fills you up, it energizes and inspires you, and in turn your clients heal and connect to their life purpose.

Stepping into this work means finally living your life with grace and ease. Imagine waking up every morning with a feeling of unlimited energy and excitement about what you will be doing that day. Every day is exciting, a new adventure, as spirit guides you through what is for each client’s highest good.

Spirit will lead you to the clients you are here to serve, where you should live so you connect to the energy grid that suits your energy, and what you should charge so you can live a life that is better than anything you ever dreamed of.

You are now being who you came here to be, so your work isn’t your “job”, it’s your calling, your passion, and it arrives with ease and flow as you live your purpose. This is the reality I’ve experienced and I am excited to share all I know with you!


I’ve been guided to open the Spirit Led Healing Institute™ to give you the opportunity to receive all the trainings I’ve received from spirit over the last five decades.


We are in a time where the world needs healing and it needs it now! So we no longer have the option of taking decades to learn the practice of healing.

The Institute is a place where every action we take is led by spirit. Spirit’s teachings are loving, kind, and always guide you towards your highest good and the highest good of those around you.

In the comprehensive 9-month Awakened Healer™ Certification Program you will learn how to connect to and amplify your own natural gifts. You will learn how to center, ground and balance yourself, so you can connect to the wisdom that’s already within you.

By the end of the program you will have the confidence, tools and powerful healing techniques to create a healing practice that allows you to design the life you desire, working wherever and whenever you want.

If you’re ready to move faster, make a bigger impact, help more people and build a business that fits your lifestyle, fulfills your dreams and exceeds your financial needs, your healing business or adding healing to the business you now have can do all that.


Your teacher for the program 

Mary Beth VanderlindenI’m Mary Beth Vanderlinden, and I came to realize I was a healer at twelve years old. This is what I was born to do and if you are reading this I know you have been guided to this path too.

In serving tens of thousands of clients over the years, my guides have shown me methods that I don’t know of anyone else using or teaching. I’ve helped multitudes of people on their own healing journeys, releasing cancer, healing broken bones, mending hearts, releasing depression and spiritually healing their energy field so they can move through life with joy and connect to their own purpose.

Along the way I’ve gotten certified in over sixteen different healing methods and modalities – because today, clients want the assurance that you are certified. To me what my guides have taught me is much more valuable – and now I have been guided to share that with you in one, comprehensive program for a very affordable investment.

This is an opportunity to not only learn what my guides have taught me but to also be certified, eliminating the need to take training after training. You can get it all in one place through the Spirit Led Healing Institute™ with the Awakened Healer™ Certification Program.  

At the end of the program, you won’t need to take additional courses or figure out how to turn your gifts into a business by yourself. You’ll be ready to start sharing this work and serving others with your healing.


What is the Awakened Healer™ Certification Program?

Spirit always guides me to deliver just what you need. This program is 100% spirit led and will be tailored to the needs of the group. Here’s an overview of just some of what you can expect:

MODULE ONE: Awakening to Spirit

September 15th – December 5th, 2017

  • Grounding, Energy Boundaries and Protection
  • Daily Energy Routine and developing your intuition
  • Home, Land, Building and Business Clearing and Protection
  • Creating Sacred Space
  • Portals and Vortexes
  • Meditation
  • Chakras, Anatomy, Meridians and Muscle testing
  • Aura Cleansing and Repair
  • How to raise frequency
  • Working on groups

PLUS Monthly 30 Minute Private Consulting Sessions with Mary Beth

AND a Live 3-Day Awakened Healer Energy Foundations Retreat. Some techniques must be learned and practiced in person. Get the next level techniques, practice distance healing, and more!


MODULE TWO: Healing in Action

December 16th, 2017 – March 15th, 2018

  • 3 months of implementation work with accountability partners. This means you’ll leave  the program feeling complete confidence in your abilities and be ready to open up your own practice, or incorporate healing into your existing business.
  • Practical exercises and homework
  • Monthly Q & A sessions with Mary Beth to get you clear and moving forward

PLUS Monthly 30 Minute Private Consulting Sessions with Mary Beth

AND Live 3-Day Spirit Led Healing Masterclass Retreat: Reiki Master/Teacher Training, and understanding how Spirit is leading you personally in your work.


MODULE THREE: Deep Work, Integration, and Your Healing Business

March 16th – June 15th 2018

  • Past life regression
  • Soul retrieval
  • Pulling Satan’s DNA
  • Spiritual Cleansing
  • God Light Transformation Training
  • Core Beliefs Re-patterning
  • Ethics, Integrity and building a Sustainable Business. Explore healing as an ethical path, living and working in true integrity and alignment with your values

PLUS: Exclusive panel featuring different top business coaches and business advisors: “How to build a healing business and/or incorporate healing into your existing business.” (includes recordings)

AND Monthly 30 Minute Private Consulting Sessions with Mary Beth

We will end with a live virtual retreat, celebration of completion and Certificates!


The Awakened Healer™ Certification Program is perfect for you if…

  • You feel in your bones you’re a healer, but you’ve never had the confidence to fully claim that identity or turn it into full time work.
  • You’ve undertaken different trainings and felt inspired by your teachers, but it hasn’t led to the deep change you desire
  • The work you’re doing right now isn’t feeding your soul – you sometimes feel like you’re floundering instead of moving forward
  • The thought of running your own business and making a good living as a healer feels overwhelming (secretly you wonder if it’s even possible)
  • Deep down you have the desire to serve yourself, your family, your community and the world. You just need to know how!


In this 9-month, 100% spirit led program, you will receive:


Twelve (12) Live virtual healer training sessions biweekly in Modules 1 and 3

These sessions will be from 90 minutes – 3 hours (with breaks!) including training, practice and question and answer sessions.  

VALUE: $48,000

Two (2) exclusive three day live retreats and one virtual celebration retreat

There is no better way to access your healing abilities than through attending a live retreat! Each of our retreats will take place at an inspiring location and include in depth training in different healing modalities, opportunities to practice these techniques and hands on  coaching with Mary Beth. Retreats take place in June and September, with our virtual celebration retreat taking place in December.

VALUE: $11,000

One-on-one support

9 individual 30 minute one on one coaching calls with Mary Beth to receive her spirit led guidance on your unique path as a healer.

VALUE: $9,000

Group coaching calls

Three live group coaching calls to answer your questions, connect you to your fellow healers and learn from our collective wisdom.

VALUE: $7,000

Private Facebook group

Exclusive access to our private community Facebook page for the full 9-month duration of the program. Mary Beth will be in the group regularly offering guidance and answering all your questions about the training. Stay in touch, celebrate your progress with the community and let other people know about your exciting breakthroughs. A place to come for love, positive support, and inspiration from your tribe of fellow healers!

VALUE: $3,000

Expert panel

Advice, strategy and wisdom from a range of experts on topics including the practical aspects of setting up a business, messaging and communications, building your team, getting your name out there, attracting clients and much more!

VALUE: $6,000


30% discount on a virtual VIP strategy consultation to get your healing practice up and running. You’ll receive Mary Beth’s undivided attention on your business from an intuitive perspective, as well as drawing on her years of experience as owner of a successful healing practice and facilitator of powerful retreats.

Perfect for anyone just starting out or blending their new healing abilities into an existing coaching, healing or transformational practice.  

Other special bonuses will be added throughout the program – as Mary Beth is guided by spirit!

The value of the components of this certification is easily more than $80,000. Your investment for the Awakened Healer Certification is a fraction of this investment.


Is this really for me?

When healing is your calling, you know in the very core of your being that this is your path. And yet, it’s so normal for healers to experience resistance (or even fear) when they’re setting out on this journey.

You might be asking some of these questions right now:

  • Could I actually be a healer, and feel confident to serve paying clients?
  • Am I using my natural abilities to their maximum potential?
  • Can I devote my life to helping others without burning out?
  • Is it realistic to earn a good living through my passion for healing?

The truth is, every single one of us has faced doubts along the way. And the good news is, these self-limiting beliefs can be conquered.

When you’re mentored through a spirit led program that connects you to your own inner guidance, these inner conflicts will be resolved.

You’ll have the confidence to go out and start healing clients, and the tools to grow a thriving healing practice – knowing you’re attracting people who long to work with you.

Space in the Awakened Healer™ Certification Program is extremely limited: Apply now! Don’t miss this opportunity to begin living the life you were meant to live.


If you are interested in this program please fill out the application here and we will reach out within 48 hours to set up a time to chat. This is a small intimate group so we want to make sure it will be a good fit for you.

Being a healer has been my life’s calling. I know I have been guided to create the Awakened Healer™ Certification Program now because the world can no longer afford to wait decades for healers to find their path. It’s time for you to step into your Healing powers.

I want this work to light you up and give you the energy and feeling of excitement every morning that following your passion can bring. Healers, all of us, share a connection. We are 100% guided by spirit on this path! I can’t wait to deepen my connection with you as we explore what is truly possible and meant for you.

This program is your path to a life of abundance through serving others and living your passion, so don’t wait.

Click here to apply to the program.

Abundant Blessings,

Mary Beth Vanderlinden

Awakened Healers Certification Program

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