Are you a coach, consultant, mentor, healer, or helping professional? Do you love to watch your clients grow and transform?

What if there were a way you could help your clients to get BETTER, FASTER, and MORE LASTING results?

Imagine yourself…

  • Knowing how to expertly guide your clients through their stuck points with little resistance or struggle.
  • Having a line of referrals out door because your work is so effective!
  • Being able to see beyond what your clients are reporting to know what is really going on.
  • Feeling free and alive in every moment because you are tuned in to your divine guidance.
  • Loving every minute of your work again!

Let’s take your purpose to the next level as a healer.

I’m Mary Beth Vanderlinden, and I have been a healer for most of my life. I’ve had experiences of my own injury and illness, and I’ve been able to heal with the help of my guides.

I’ve worked with thousands of clients in their own healing journey, releasing cancer, healing broken bones, and spiritually healing their energy field so they can move through life with more power. 

Through this work I’ve developed a system for healing, and my guides have let me know that it’s time to share this work. It’s called “God Light Transformation” and I’ll be teaching it to a small group in Sedona. Will one of them be you?

You may be an established healer, or a business owner, coach, or consultant who knows that you’re actually a healer at heart, or even a brand new healer but you want to dive all-in. If you want to add new tools that deepen your ability to help others transform and heal at the core, the God Light Transformation™ Healer Immersion is for you.

Does this sound familiar?

  • You work with people either one-on-one or in groups, and you worry that you are unable to heal them at the root causes of their issues.
  • You want to become more effective by adding intuitive healing to your toolkit.
  • You want to understand the connection between physical symptoms and the practical work you are doing – you know your client’s injury is no accident!
  • You have a deep desire to be the best service provider or member of your community that you possibly can.

Is This Program for You?

No matter how skilled and experienced we are as individual helpers and healers, we always have room to grow. There’s nothing as effective as the stimulation of connecting with other healers to guide us on our paths for self-development.

I’ve studied extensively with some of the world’s most famous healers, I’ve helped countless clients personally, and I’ve even healed myself nineteen times. My guides on this journey as a healer have helped me to develop techniques that I’ve never seen used anywhere else: This is the God Light Transformation™ Healing approach.

During the God Light Transformation™ Healer Immersion we will spend seven days developing your skills and understanding of energy, guides, intuition, past lives, and more.

This program is an opportunity to tap into your own experience and knowledge, to clear your energy systems, and to nurture your healing ability, either so that you can add it to your skillset, or to accelerate your development as a professional healer.

What Do You Get?

Exclusive training with Mary Beth Vanderlinden, master healer teacher and creator of the God Light Transformation™ Healing method. 

In this 7-day program, you will:

  • Learn to create a sacred space for healing and meditations
  • How to clear, balance, and align your Chakras
  • How to clear and balance aura-filled holes and leaks
  • Learn to guide your clients to their own healing
  • Build a connection with and get answers from your guides
  • How to deepen the use of your abilities in your business
  • And much more!

Is this for me?

Sometimes, the only thing that is holding us back is ourselves. We constantly ask:

  • I can heal myself, but can I really heal others?
  • Am I really using my healing abilities effectively in my business?
  • Do I really give my clients the best service that I can?
  • Is it worth investing in furthering my skills?
  • Why aren’t my clients progressing faster?
  • Maybe I should just give up?

These self-limiting beliefs can be conquered. When you achieve the level of healing that we will be exploring together in this program, you’ll be able to stop worrying. You’ll start to live in the moment and you won’t have to think about what’s coming next. You’ll feel a burden lifted from your shoulders, and you’ll be able to move forward as a more carefree, centered version of yourself. Through this program, we’ve seen people grow their abilities, allowing them to get better results and more referrals, greatly increasing their earnings. This program is maximized to make the biggest impact possible in the limited 7-day period that we have.

God Light Transformation™ Healer Immersion

Fall 2017
Sedona, Arizona

Our Rough Agenda for Sedona

Spirit always guides me to deliver just what you need. Here’s an overview of what you can expect.

Day 0
Arrive On Site

Enjoy the beauty of your surroundings and get settled in your room. Be sure to notice the energy there as we’ll be working with clearing it during the week!

Day 1
Core Energy Exercises

We’ll look at my foundational routines and exercises and begin to play with energy, clearing space, asking permission and more. We’ll look at creating meditations that embed energy in them, and you’ll create your own meditation to deliver during our retreat.

Day 2
Chakras + Anatomy

We’ll explore the chakras and how to clear, balance, and align them. You’ll get lots of practice for doing this work with clients and in groups. We’ll also study the anatomy and look at the core physical symptoms as they relate to energetic and emotional blocks.

We’ll also visit the Sedona Vortexes!

Day 3
Meridians + Muscle Testing

You’ll learn the meridians and how to tell if they are moving forward or backward, how and why to change their directions to clear blocks. You’ll learn the key muscle testing points and how to quickly read someone’s energy system.

Day 4
Auras, Holes, and Leaks

We’ll work to understand and see auras as well as knowing how to fill blocks and leaks. You’ll also learn how to keep your energy buzzing and how to teach clients how to do this as well!

We’ll have a cool auric photography experience as well!

Day 5
Intuitive Development, Your Guides, and Weaving the Grid

You’ll learn to connect to spirit and how to get answers from your guides. We’ll also explore how to use crystals in your healing and visit a crystal shop. We’ll introduce to you the core approach that makes God Light Transformation™ unique, “weaving the grid.”

Day 6
Pineal + Pituitary Clearing, Activations

We’ll go in more depth on the pineal and pituitary glands, which are so key to health and healing. You’ll learn to deliver clearings and activations for individuals and groups. You’ll practice and ask for feedback.

Day 7
Past Life Regressions + the Business of Healing

I’ll demonstrate a past-life regression in the group so you can get a clear experience of how past lives influence healing. We’ll also touch on how to integrate your healing gift into business.

Fellow healer,

Being a healer has been my life’s calling. After healing myself 19 times over the course of my life, I developed the God Light Transformation™ Healing method. I’ve learned that, by sharing my secrets with you, that power can be magnified thousands of times to touch countless people all across the world. I believe that each of us has the power to heal, we just need to claim it.

This has been my blessing, and I want it to be yours as well. Healers, all of us, share a connection. We are 100% guided by spirit! I can’t wait to deepen my connection with you as we explore the depths of what is truly possible for a healer!

If you are interested in this program please fill out the application here and we will reach out within 48 hours to set up a time to chat. This is a small intimate group so we want to make sure it will be a good fit for you.

This will be a small intimate group so grab your spot now!

With all my heart,
Mary Beth Vanderlinden

God Light Transformation™ Healer Immersion

Fall, 2017
Sedona, Arizona

© 2017 – Mary Beth Vanderlinden LLC.