Are You Ready To Become A Manifesting Magnet?

Do you find yourself unable to manifest the finances, health, relationships, career or spiritual connections you desire?

Don’t feel alone. The rut you and so many others are in is simple. You are vibrating at a low frequency and have stuck energy that is stopping your energetic flow. You are also working alone without the assistance of your intuition.

Most people today are full of anger, living under enormous stress, are in job misery, suffer from guilt and are full of shame caused by past experiences. There energy is so stuck they have lost connection with their inner guidance.

These conditions along with the low frequencies they pick up from others keep us at about 20-30% of where our frequency needs to be in order to get connected and into the manifesting energy vortex. In just the last two weeks I manifested a radio show, a column to write, a VA and an agent. All things I desired to assist me in helping more people. You have the ability to manifest just as I do. You just need the right frequency and tools to assist you.

Your frequency influences every aspect of your being. It creates where you are at mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. If you would like to get on track in all these areas of your life and start manifesting like a magician this is exactly where this package will take you.

4 – 60 Minute Manifesting Magnet Classes (MP3)


We will be having four 60 minute classes. I will give you the knowledge, clarity, tools, exercises and releases you need to magically manifest all you desire.

So buckle your seat belt because once the manifesting vortex kicks in you will think your on a magic carpet ride.

Week 1:
What needs to be released to raise your frequency, the exercises to do it – and the tools you need to keep you there. Live callers at the end of class.

Week 2:
Connect with your guides, angels, ascended masters and deceased loved ones and open your intuition. Live callers at the end of class

Week 3:
Discovering your purpose and desires and getting crystal clear on them. Releasing old beliefs and what no longer serves you. Exercise in raising your frequency and how to keep it there. Live callers at the end of class

Week 4:
The tools you need to stay connected and open. Exercise to raise your frequency to the next level and keep it there. Opening your manifesting vortex every time you need it. Live calls at the end of class.

With these clearings, tools, and clarity you will easily and effortlessly shift into manifesting what you desire.



Frequency Clearing of Anger, Shame & unworthiness


FORMAT: MP3 Download

These MP3‘s have music infused with the frequencies to clear and balance the energy of anger, shame and unworthiness. These are the energies I see in people that are really struggling in life. The frequency we are at sends out a vibration to the universe. When we are running at the lower vibrations of anger, shame and unworthiness we draw things and circumstances to us that are at those same low vibrations. These MP3’s are infused with the frequencies that will raise you out of the vibrations of anger, shame and unworthiness and up to a frequency that allows you to manifest your desires. Our lives are not run by luck but by vibration. The higher the frequency you are at the easier your life becomes and the more you become a manifesting magnet. 





FORMAT: MP3 & PDF Download

Before you can begin to understand how to clear out your chakras it’s best to follow Mary Beth through this grounding meditation, so you’re energetically prepared to accept the profound shift experienced during the healing sessions.





As you can imagine there’s a profound side benefit to clearing, balancing, and aligning your Chakras—faster manifestations!

And now tapping into Mary Beth’s program means you’ll get access to her ‘Manifesting Magic’ program where you’ll learn:

How to boost your intentions with crystals and gems

Which crystals and gems to hold while meditating

Which gems belong in your home, and where they’ll have the most profound impact on your abundance Plus Gemi Jars, Pillow Pouches, and Manifest Like a Magician Grid!




FORMAT: MP3 Download

Once you’ve identified the challenge you’re facing, and the corresponding Chakra, you’re ready to get clear, and there’s no easier way than sitting back, relaxing, and listening as these guided meditations help you clear, balance, and align your energy.

  • Root Chakra Clearing & Balancing Meditation Infused With Reiki Healing Energy
  • Sacral Chakra Clearing & Balancing Meditation Infused With Reiki Healing Energy
  • Solar Plexus Chakra Clearing & Balancing Meditation Infused With Reiki Healing Energy
  • Heart Chakra Clearing & Balancing Meditation Infused With Reiki Healing Energy
  • Throat Chakra Clearing & Balancing Meditation Infused With Reiki Healing Energy
  • 3rd Eye Chakra Clearing & Balancing Meditation Infused With Reiki Healing Energy
  • Crown Chakra Clearing & Balancing Meditation Infused With Reiki Healing Energy





FORMAT: MP3 Download

Experience the Exact Energies Needed to Clear and Balance Your Entire Chakra System while Raising Your Manifestation to the Highest Frequencies Possible

With this tool that has been infused with the energies needed to clear and balance your chakra system we will create an upward vortex of energy to raise your frequency of manifestation to the highest frequency for your highest good so you can easily manifest what you desire.




Be FREE From EX LOVER’s or Other People’s Energy So You Can Move on and Live Life With Less Struggle, More Focus and the Experience of The True You….

This effective process is exclusive to Mary Beth and allows you to remove old energy shards that are stuck in your system and constantly draining you, sometimes even for decades!
These shards of energy are picked up through Intimacy you have had with other people but also the energy of the people they have been intimate with and so on. For empaths this will release energy in general that you pick up from others all the time.
The removal is quick and the relief is sometimes felt instantly. Some people report feeling like “themselves” for the first time in years or ever. 
This is an extremely powerful healing tool and a perfect example of one of many types of healing opportunities or processes you might expect to experience during the women’s retreats I hold across the country and globally. 

Value: $197.00




$100 Discount on a 30 Minute Life Changing Intuitive Healing Session

Available to the first 60 who take advantage of the offer

Value: 100.00

Being known as the Human Cat Scan, Mary Beth is a highly regarded Master Medical Intuitive & Gifted Healer. She can see the energy in your body and help clear out negative energy and energy blocks. She can get to the heart of the issue and help you move forward in blissful health. Imagine your life long issues being dissolved in a short 30 minute private session! This 30 minute private and loving connection is a deep dive energetic healing session which focuses on shifting and transforming your health and wellness. Allow energy support, energy healing and total transformation to occur for you!

During your Intuitive Healing Session, Expect Major Shifts to Happen.

These are some of the experiences you can expect:

  • Clear away energy blocks so you can “move forward”
  • Release old beliefs that no longer serve you
  • Release toxins
  • Remove energy cords to keep you from taking on the energy of other people
  • Receive messages from deceased loved ones
  • Create an energetic flow to energetically support the release of illness and disease
  • Go into past lives to release leftover karma
  • Soul retrieval to integrate all of who you really are
  • Reduce pain and side effects of chemo

“First, I would like to send many thanks to you because what you did on me was truly amazing, profound and powerful. I can really see and feel the results and wonderful changes overnight.

I woke up this morning feeling great and my shoulder pain seemed to subside. Every morning I would get up and my whole body aches all the time, especially my shoulder. I thought it was due to my sleeping position and tried to change it, but it still didn’t work. But this morning, things have changed.

My throat gets clearer and my voice also sounds clearer and louder. Like you said, my throat chakra has so many, many blockages. Even before I got into energy healing and chakra balancing, I could even feel something is just not right with my throat. There was like a lump in it that held me back from speaking out and expressing myself in the most truthful manner. That’s why I am sort of bad at getting my points across and always think of myself as “not a good talker”. Moreover; whenever I speak, not all the time but quite often, fear and anxiety keep crawling in my throat and my head fills with things like: “Am I saying this right?”, ” Are they gonna judge me if I say this?…

You were so spot on about everything. You really sent me chills down my spine when you mentioned my big brother. I didn’t know he was always there supporting me and even my other deceased loved ones as well. It’s really just mind-blowing. I also feel deeply touched when you mentioned my Heart chakra; my body was literally vibrating with love at that time. It was just a magical and unforgettable moment.

Once again, I’d like to send my deepest gratitude to you- my sweet “grandma”. I’ve been struggling a lot with my emotional life since the day I was born. Even though I grow up normally like many other people, my parents love me; something was always missing until I’ve found my answers to all these issues thanks to you wealth revolution and especially you. This is the first time in my life that I’ve felt like I’ve been heard and come back to my true self. Thank you so, so much for making this happen! I feel blessed to have worked with you. I truly believe that this is the great gift God wants to send me.”  


A Total Value of

Yours for only $127

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