imagesThroughout time and in all cultures gemstones have been used for their beauty and healing properties. Just as we are energy and run at different vibrations so do the various gems in nature.

You have stones that balance, clear and align your chakras for optimum health. Stones that calm, nurture and relax you. There are those that are specific to certain functions, organs or systems of the body. Certain combinations of stones can aid with different diseases, menopause, chemo or radiation and those that aid with anxiety, phobias or depression.

Top cardiologists are now in agreement with ancient wisdom and are telling their patients that grounding is the most important thing you can do for yourself each day. There are crystals that will aid you in keeping yourself grounded.

People are now coming to understand that we were all born with intuition but through ignoring it or not trusting it we have actually shut it down. There are gems or crystals that facilitate the re-awakening of this important sense in us. They will bring clearer vision to your life or business.

Whatever you are needing assistance with there is a Gem that carries the frequency specific to that situation. We are all unique and are gifted with various talents as are the crystals.

Stones can be cleared and then charged to aid with a certain intention such as healing of others, self healing, abundance, protection, love or harmony. These are just a few that come to mind.

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This jewelry has been cleared and then infused with Reiki Healing Energy and set with the Intention of Abundance In Every Area Of Your Life. You are welcome to contact me with questions as to what stones would be of value to assist you with your specific needs. They are a wonderful way to show ourselves some self love or as a gift for a loved one that you would like to be a part of their healing journey.

Have a blessed day.