So many people are feeling energetically restricted right now. They feel like they are being smothered or choked off from their life force energy. They are just wanting out. Out of there job, out of the physical place or environmental place that they live, out of their relationship.

We need to be in a place, job or relationship that feeds our soul, that is for our highest good in order to flourish. A good exercise to do in order to feel the difference is to imagine yourself turning in your resignation. Really feel yourself doing it, even write one out, see yourself handing it to your boss. Take a deep breath and feel how that feel in your body. Hold that feeling for as long as you can. Do you know what type of job, business you would like to have? Feel yourself stepping into that job or having the grand opening to your new business. How does that feel in your body? Hold onto that feeling as long as you can and keep going back to it. Make that vibration a part of you and you will attract it to you.

If it is where you live that is constricting your energy, determine whether it is the physical space you are in or the location. If you are living in the flatlands and your soul has always been calling you to the ocean, or the mountains, or to a lake, then see yourself terminating your lease. Write out your termination. If you own a house see yourself putting a for sale sign in the yard and then signing a contract to sell. How does that feel in your body? Heavier, lighter? Now see yourself loading the moving van, heading out cross country or cross town, wherever it is that you feel drawn to. Pull up to your new place, get out and put your feet on the ground in your new environment. How does that feel in your body? Hold that feeling for as long as you can and keep coming back to it to bring yourself to that vibration. Are you lighter, happier?

And now your relationship. See yourself telling the person that this relationship is just not feeding your soul that you need to go your own way. How does that feel in your body? Are you lighter, happier? Feel how that feels in your body and hold that feeling. See yourself attracting a relationship that feeds your soul. How does that feel in your body? Hold that feeling and go back to it.

You have to be willing to let go of what is not feeding you in order to live your path and feed your soul. We hold fear in our solar plexus chakra, in our gut, and it becomes blocked. Often if you are doing this you will have indigestion problems, pancreas, gallstones, IBS, constipation, diabetes, addictions these are all signs of a blocked, or out of balance solar plexus chakra. To feel what it would feel like to have that perfect job or business, to live in a place you love, to have a right relationship brings you to that vibration in your body. Reaching out for these things  may not be the easiest path or the most comforting option, but by following what feeds you, you reach your greatest healing in the end it is the path that ultimately feels best.

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