For many of you 2016 has been a really confusing year. You have been wondering when will these ups and downs will ever end.

September is going to be very interesting with a huge influx of very different energies. Make sure you use these energies to your advantage because they could bring you the clarity, closure and new beginnings you have been looking for.

On September 1, we enter the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Virgo and this will be opening a powerful doorway for you to step into the new.

When this doorway opens you will want to get very clear on what it is showing you so you can get really clear on what you want in your life. Things that you need to let go of to move forward will be revealed and you must be ready to make some tough choices on whether you are ready to let go and make room for the new.

Be very aware of whatever arises during the New Moon Solar Eclipse because it is going to be paving the way for a new energetic cycle that will carry you through February of 2017.

For those that are aware and pay attention many things will be revealed to set you on your course. I really, really advise having a journal on hand at all times through out this period of time and journal all the ideas, ah ha’s, dreams and nudges that you receive.

By journaling you can keep going back over the clues to see where this energy is taking you.

Once we come through the energies of the Solar Eclipse we then have the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, which will fall on September 16th.

This brings us into the energies of reorganization and restructuring of our lives, our relationships and our businesses.

For those that are ready it will be a time to rip the bandaid off so to speak. The changes that we have been avoiding or putting off will need to be taken care of in order to move forward. 423887_354794591209216_218322668189743_1200496_1868294209_n

Really evaluate who you have in your inner circle. Who you can trust, who you can depend on and how these relationships can be a win, win for all involved.

Don’t forget we also have Mercury Retrograde energies that we will be dealing with. Mercury goes retrograde August 30th but the energies started coming in about a week ago. So on one hand we have the new doorway, but on the other hand with Mercury in retrograde we can feel a sense of confusion about how to incorporate all that is being revealed.

This can be very confusing but it is necessary and it is the Universe’s way of reminding us to slow down, just breathe and get clear on the steps you need to take. This is not a time to rush anything.

Again, journaling is the way to keep all that is being revealed in order so you have clarity. This is a time to really exercise patience. Don’t jump into things or rush or you may miss the big picture or big message that will really get you on track.

We need all of this information to be clear to us before we can step through this new doorway, so patience is key to seeing what this powerful Mercury retrograde cycle will bring up for you.

Keep yourself focused on the things you DO want in your life and make calm, clear choices that take you towards that goal.

Letting go of our old ways of being and doing is always uncomfortable but with the help of the earthy Virgo energies you will find the inner strength you need to make the needed changes.

Take time Thursday, during the New Moon Solar Eclipse to go outside and moon bath. Really spend time in these energies. Allow the time that is needed to receive the information that is coming in for you.

Get out a lounge chair or better yet lay a blanket on the ground and just relax in these energies and see what is revealed to you.