As women, we are naturally nurturing and very often we don’t take time to care for ourselves. This is especially true of young to middle age women starting and raising their families. We often find ourselves juggling our time between our career, keeping up the house, meals, and running to our families events. The simple word NO is often hard to say even though we are frazzled and burning the candle at both ends. In later years we can find our time is spent caring for others, such as our aging parents, grandchildren or another family member. As women we just have never been told it is OK to care for ourselves.

Attending a women’s healing retreat is an excellent way to get through these different stages in life. Healing retreats that cater to women address the body, mind and spirit and address the changes in your energy that need to be made to bring you relief in your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body. They are very interactive so give you the clarity and tools you need to continue on your healing journey. What you learn and experience at these retreats will last you a life-time.

Here are just a few of the many benefits of attending a women’ssand-272817_1280 healing retreat.

1. Time for peace and quiet to renew our energy, for reflection, for problem solving or to connect with the Divine or Source.

2. A healing retreat is a place and time to gain clarity and insights about yourself and your life. Learn more about yourself and emerge a new you. When we truly know ourselves, we can be truly happy.

3. Meeting like-minded women from all walks of life, you will share stories and ideas, create new bonds and make friends for life.

4. Healing retreats are a great way to take care of yourself. Self-care is a form of self-love and we cannot know true love until we love ourselves.

5. Your family will benefit from the retreat. You will return home more relaxed, recharged, more balanced and joyful. The love and connection with your family will deepen.

6. Discover new places, new people and new experiences. Discovery is essential to personal development and growth.

7. Attending a retreat is a time to unplug your electronics and reconnect with nature, with other women and with yourself.

8. Creativity and play is fun, de-stressing, teaches you to think differently and helps develop your intuition. Learn how to incorporate creativity in all aspects of your life.

9. A women’s healing retreat is an investment in yourself, your spirituality and your future.

Our retreats are a journey, often a journey of a lifetime, they are known for dramatically transforming the lives of the participants.

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