Infinity Lotus New Age ArtEach one of us is unique. We each came here for a reason. Energetically things happen through our lives and pretty soon we have so many blocks we don’t remember why it is we came or what we came here to do.

Through energy healing we are able to remove these blocks, retrieve the parts of our soul that we have sent away (which were just to much to deal with at the time, or others have taken from us) as we bring all aspects of ourselves back to us we once again can feel whole, we feel ourselves again, we can live an authentic life.


We are here to live our path not the SHOULDS of others. If we clear out the energy that isn’t ours, take back the energy that is we can once again tune in to that still small voice inside of each one of us that has all of the answers.

As our chakras come into balance through clearing and alignment we feel ourselves come alive again. We get that creative spark back. Through our creativity our story is told. We tell it through writing, painting, drawing, sculpting, journaling and in so many different ways.

Often we feel like our lives our just one big mistake. That is the beauty of art, especially intuitive art. There are no mistakes. It just IS.

We can be bold, be ourselves, be creative, be brave, quirky, unique and eccentric. In fact the more eccentric the better the art it seems.

So let go and have fun with it, and once you learn to let go and have fun with art you will be comfortable to let go and have fun with life.

Intuition is a small, still voice so it gets lost in all the chatter in your head that you are used to listening to.

When we are still and willing to create we can tune in and connect with our intuition. Just let whatever comes out BE.

Let go and trust that everything you do is meant to happen.

Honor your inner wisdom.

I would love to be part of this journey with you. Please check out Services, Workshops and Retreats that bring you to Wholeness, Happiness and a life of Ease. Blessings