Monthly Clearing & Activation

Each month, Mary Beth does a remote group Clearing and Activation. Just like a car we, as humans and energetic beings, we also need tuneups. We are constantly being bombarded with new, higher frequencies that are coming in and as the new frequencies come in they try to make their way into our energetic body. The more obsolete, outdated energies we carry the harder it is for the new frequencies to integrate and this causes discomfort and various symptoms. It is vital to our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health that the old obsolete energies are removed and the new higher frequencies activated to bring us to a place where we can function in a way that serves our highest potential.

No dial in information is needed. The activation will be done on everyone that has registered. You can be working, sleeping, or doing other activites and it is being done and working for you. You will want to make sure you are well hydrated. Drink lemon water if possible. If you are able, just relax for about 30 minutes during the time of the process, make a mental note of what you experience during the Clearing and Activation and you can email me your experience afterward.


Here are some experiences from the earlier Clearings and Activations…


“Thanks for the Clearing and Activation I felt like I was being scrubbed from the inside out. I felt lighter, cleaner and brighter and felt like I was breathing much deeper now.”

Blessings, L.M.


“Your a Godsend, just what I needed when I needed it. I saw images flashing through the whole time the process was going on. Afterwards an idea came to me so vividly I know it is my next step. I appreciate your gifts. You have been such a blessing to me.”

Thanks, F.G.


“Of all the clearing and activations I have been a part of through the years this was the strongest for me. Some, I never felt a thing, but afterwards I would really see the changes. This was different, I felt like I had been hit by lightening, like a jolt went through me at about 6:15, then I couldn’t stop buzzing, like there was an electrical current going through me. I thought that was cool but then I started seeing bursts of different colors, it was more beautiful than any 4th of July fireworks I had ever been to. That continued even when I went to bed. It took about 2 hours after I laid down for it to stop. I woke up the next day feeling so clear headed, usually I feel foggy, and I had more energy than I did as a kid. I got an unexpected raise that day, then was offered a job from a company I had never even applied to. They said several people had recommended me and they remembered my name suddenly. Other amazing family things have happened as well as the weeks went by. Mary Beth, I feel like saying thank you is a slap in the face, I really don’t know how to express my gratitude to you. I have followed you for years and always respected your work but this was truly amazing. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Steve – USA


“Thanks Mary Beth, I don’t know you but started following you on Instagram and loved the things you had to say. I saw the post for this and thought I would give it a shot. Everything you said sounded just like what I had been going through. I definitely felt energy and a feeling of peace like I hadn’t had in years. I am so glad I received this process from you.”

S. C.


“Wow, Mary Beth, thank you so much for the work that you do. I have been a part of some of your programs and have done the Clearing and Activations for the last few years, they always bring such relief, and such a shift for me but the one in March was a life saver. The relief came right as you were doing it, I heard a popping like fireworks, then I even saw bright lights and then felt absolute peace. I felt like I had been plugged into an electric socket and was being charged like my computer. I could just feel a flow of energy building up in me. I have suffered with exhaustion for what seems like forever and it is gone. I have so much energy I don’t know what to do with it. Most of the Clearing and Activations I have felt real shifts in my mental or emotional being but this was totally physical.

I can’t thank you enough. What a life changer.”



“The March Clearing and Activation came just on time. Divine timing for sure.”



“Mary Beth I want to thank you for the monthly clearing and activations you do. I am not sure how I would get by without them. The more of them I do the stronger they get. This month I felt a surge of energy from the top of my head to my feet and it lasted for 6 hours. I felt like it was a rotor rooter just clearing everything out. It was pretty amazing. Blessings to you, you are a real treasure.”



“Not sure what on earth happened during the process this month but I felt like I was levitating and saw colors that there are no earthly equivalent to. Can’t wait till next month.”



“I was feeling like I must have something seriously wrong with me. There were new aches and pains every day and I had called and scheduled a doctor appointment and felt they should run some major testing. Thank goodness I hadn’t gone yet because after the clearing and activation all of the symptoms disappeared. I feel such a weight lifted off my shoulders and cancelled the appointment. It is amazing the things that the wrong frequencies can do to us. Thanks for all you do for humanity. Blessings to you.”

Ann S., Hawaii