Retreat Testimonials


“Mary Beth can easily get to a core root of an existing issue be it physical, emotional or spiritual. Following the sessions I felt less anxiousness, a lightness, well beingness and optimism.Mary Beth helped us to transform blockages and to move forward in our journeys. I recommend any woman who is feeling a bit stuck in any way, mentally, emotionally, spiritually or physically to attend a weekend with Mary Beth and to feel the transformations in her own life evolve.”



Laura-Jean Anderson



“Wowee! Thank you for this amazing retreat.  Thank you for allowing no choice but to RECEIVE. Thank you for providing such a safe, trusting, comfortable environment in which to do deep, intense work.  It was perfect!  Environment, food, number of participants, activities, level of energy, length of workshop; all of it amounts to perfection!  What a gift.  I’ve also noticed that I’m stepping up more, dare I say stepping into my power? Thank  you for the cleansing, clearing, healing, & expansion!” 




Nancy Thomas
Denver, CO



“The retreat was very healing for me and just what I needed!  I love how the retreats are intuitively guided so the participants get the healing and guidance that is best for them.  Mary Beth guided us with her wisdom, the processes were wonderful and we had lots of fun.  The retreat setting is exquisite with the luscious setting of trees, gardens and a beautiful creek.  The food was extraordinary and all of the laughter and connection was nourishing for my soul.”



Dr. Lesley Wood
Lakewood, CO


“You are very blessed to have Mary Beth. Her abilities are life-long, well-developed and authentic. She is spiritually generous, smart and a sweet human being. I spent a weekend in her beautiful retreat center with her and it was the most enlightening experience I have ever had. She also has a great sense of humor and takes herself very lightly. We laughed a lot in between the serious stuff. She is a pure Earth Angel.”

Marcia Skinner



Anju Arya
San Francisco, CA



“Those 3 days seemed to be exactly what I needed and they were!  It was one of the most peaceful relaxing experiences I have ever had.  I felt like I had always known Mary Beth and she was like a favorite aunt! Her cooking was wonderful. We did a chakra clearing art exercise that was absolutely wonderful! I left there feeling fully recharged & also made a great new friend!  I would recommend it to anyone!!!  I will always cherish the choice I made to spend that incredible time with Mary Beth.”

Shannon Thompson



Christine Jensen
Katy, TX


Carol Harguth
Antioch, CA


Dr. Jola
Fort Lauderdale, FL


Diana McGlynn
Lewiston, NY


Tecla Garcia
Modesto, CA


Deirdre Wagner
Sherman Oaks, CA